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Building Integrated Photovoltaics
The Next Generation of Solar Energy

Solar Windows to Power Buildings

You've seen solar panels placed on buildings by now as this technology has been around for a while, but could you imagine a solar powered building? You could potentially witness this within the next 10 years, thanks to our breakthroughs in organic photovoltaics technologies. By developing a process that produces much more flexible and lightweight solar materials, we are paving the way to realize a greener way to power up even the tallest buildings.Solar Power Building

Gone will be the large cumbersome solar panels that you’re accustomed to, and in their place will be windows and glass surfaces of buildings. Tinted semi-transparent OPV photovoltaic films could be used to coat all of the windows of a building, which will in turn generate electricity that will ultimately be used within the building.

A Path to Net Zero Buildings

The advent of ultra-thin, lightweight, and highly flexible solar solutions presents opportunities for widespread deployment on buildings, boosting the solar-power generating capabilities. Combined with energy efficiency initiatives, our solar power technologies can become key components of buildings to become neutral, or net zero, energy consumers as they locally produce as much energy as they consume.

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