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A History of Innovation

NanoFlex's History of Success


Our track record of success speaks for itself.

NanoFlex's founding team has twice before formed highly successful companies that have advanced transformational technologies from the basic science stage to commercialization. These predecessor companies are pioneers in organic semiconductors and digital wireless communications technologies and have generated significant revenues and substantial shareholder value by licensing the intellectual property to industry manufacturers.

Furthermore, NanoFlex's lead researchers, Dr. Forrest and Dr. Thompson were instrumental in the invention and development of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), which have achieved commercial success. We believe this is an important distinction – our lead researchers fully understand how to transition technology from the laboratory into a commercial environment.

NanoFlex's Sponsored Research Efforts

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Dr. Mark Thompson began working with NanoFlex Power (predecessor companies) in October 1993, while he was at Princeton University. In August 1995, Dr. Thompson accepted a position at the University of Southern California and the sponsored research agreement was likewise assigned to USC. In May 1998, Dr. Stephen Forrest, who was at Princeton University at the time, began conducting research for NanoFlex. In 2006, Dr. Forrest accepted a position at the University of Michigan and continued his research efforts there.

Our ongoing sponsored research program continue at USC and the University of Michigan. There is currently no ongoing research activity at Princeton University related to NanoFlex, although we maintain licensing rights to related technology previously developed there.

These sponsored research agreements provide NanoFlex Power Corporation with the exclusive worldwide license and right to sublicense any and all intellectual property resulting from the related research and development efforts at these universities.

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